Filing Information Notice (FIN)


Filing Information Notices (FIN)

FIN 2018-1: Individual Disability Income Insurance Filings 

FIN 2017-2: Individual Long-Term Care Filings

FIN 2017-1: Process for Revisions to Forms and Supporting Documentation in Compact Filings

FIN 2016-3: Guaranteed Living Benefit Increases for Qualifying Events

FIN 2016-2: Group Disability Income Insurance Filings and Filing with Group Disability Income Products with Group Term Life Products

FIN 2016-1: Filing Process to Effectuate the 2017 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (CSO) Mortality Table

FIN 2013-3: Filing Process for Product Filings that Include Montana to Demonstrate Compliance with Constitutional Unisex Requirement

FIN 2013-2: Individual Long-Term Care Filings - Replaced by FIN 2017-2

FIN 2013-1: Guaranteed Living Benefit Amounts Contingent on Inability to Perform Activities of Daily Living or Receiving Care from a Health Facility - Replaced by FIN 2016-3

FIN 2012-4: Product Filings Approved by the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission Subject to Actuarial Guideline XXXVIII (AG38)

FIN 2012-3: New, Amended and Refiled Product Filings due to Changes in Interest Rates for Nonforfeiture Values in Life Insurance Products

FIN 2012-2: Rider Charges for Guaranteed Living Benefit Compliance with Non-variable Annuity Nonforfeiture Requirements

FIN 2012-1: Individual Disability Income Insurance Filings - Replaced by FIN 2018-1

FIN 2011-1: Variable Life and Annuity Filings, Modified Guaranteed Annuity Filings

FIN 2010-3: Individual Long-Term Care Filings - Updated and Replaced by Filing Information Notice 2013-2

FIN 2010-2: Bonus Feature for Deferred Annuities

FIN 2010-1: Disclosure Statement for Termination upon Sale or Assignment of Guaranteed Benefit Annuity Features

FIN 2009-4: Mix and Match Filings

FIN 2009-3: State Opt Out Filing Process

FIN 2009-2: Multi-Company Product Filing Submissions

FIN 2009-1: Return of Premium for Mix and Match in Washington State

FIN 2008-6:  Supplemental Information -Disclosures/Illustrations/Illustration Certifications

FIN 2008-5: Amended Filings - Replaced by FIN 2017-1

FIN 2008-4: Statement of Intent Filing Formats

FIN 2008-3: Application “Mix and Match” Filings

FIN 2008-2: Combination Product Filings

  • Superceded by Filing Information Notice 2009-4 for filings submitted after December 9, 2009.

FIN 2008-1: Reverse Mix and Match Filings

  • Superceded by Filing Information Notice 2009-4 for filings submitted after December 9, 2009.