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Insurance Compact Strategic Planning Initiative

The Insurance Compact Commission is currently undertaking a member-driven strategic planning process, with the purpose of setting strategic priorities, goals and objectives for the next three years. After soliciting input and conducting surveys of our members, filers and other stakeholders, the Strategic Planning Committee has drafted a Strategic Planning Framework that lays out the draft priorities, objectives and goals which will serve as a starting point for further discussion. The Commission is interested in receiving comments on this proposal.

​Proposed Compact Strategic Planning Framework
Written comments will be accepted until July 25, 2019, and should be submitted to 

Comments Received: 
Comments from Jason Lapham, Colorado Division of Insurance, dated June 26, 2019
Comments from Jackson National Life Insurance dated July 24, 2019
Comments from Tom Kilcoyne, Pennsylvania Insurance Department, dated July 25, 2019
Comments from ACLI dated July 29, 2019

Insurance Compact Event Calendar

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