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IIPRC Annual Report

IIPRC Annual ReportThe 2016 Annual Report highlights the innumerable and positive ways the Insurance Compact has grown over the past ten years since its 2006 inaugural meeting. In 2016, Connecticut joined 44 other Compacting States in enacting the Compact legislation. The Insurance Compact adopted its 100th Uniform Standard with the adoption and implementation of group disability income insurance Uniform Standards. The Insurance Compact also broke records by growing more than 10% in terms of registered companies and 23% in terms of product filing submissions, with a 35% increase in revenues over the previous year. The Insurance Compact also updated its logo and website, and received and implemented feedback from regulator and industry focus groups.

The Commission's 2016 Annual Report emphasizes continued progress and success due to the commitment and hard work of the members and their staff with the active input of state legislators, companies, and consumer and industry representatives.